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Hand-Knitted Wool Socks 100%

Hand-Knitted Wool Socks 100%


These beautiful traditional socks, made of 100% hand-knitted sheep wool, are designed to keep your feet warm and healthy during cold winter days. You can wear them as socks or slippers, or even as  mountain shoes. They are perfect for hiking, mountain outings, and trekking. Make a wonderful  Christmas gift for your family, friends, or just for yourself.

Material: 100% natural sheep wool! Natural sheep colors! Handmade by a Bulgarian lady who
fell in love with wool. 100% hand-knitted socks, 100% wool for men or women.

Why wear wool socks in winter?
✓ Wool is an excellent insulator. In cold weather, your feet will stay warm in wool socks.
✓ Wool can absorb a large amount of moisture, much more than cotton. Wool can retain
moisture up to a third of its weight before even starting to feel “wet.”
✓ Wool maintains its insulating properties when wet, which is perfect for sweaty feet.
✓ Additionally, wool dries much faster than cotton or other synthetic materials.



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